Rotary Club of Edwardstown Inc. District 9520

ROBIN Project
The Robin Project was established by South Australian 
Rotary Clubs in an effort to foster the continued growth and 
existence of native birdlife in areas where their habitat 
has been threatened due to urban sprawl and deforestation.
Members of the Rotary Club of Edwardstown first 
participated in the Robin Project in 1999 with a working 
bee to manufacture nestboxes which were later installed 
in the Warriparinga Wetlands, situated in Laffer's 
Triangle near the intersection of Marion and Sturt Roads,
at Darlington. see map below
The first photographic evidence of the project's success 
was taken in Spring 2000, when a pair of Red Rumped
Parrots was snapped using a nestbox. This was quite
an achievement, as the Red Rumped Parrot had not 
been spotted in this area for many years.
Another 20 nestboxes were manufactured at a working 
bee in May 2004. Many of these new brown nestboxes 
have since been installed.
These photos of a Crimson Rosella were taken in October 2004.
Our nestboxes are not only home to native birdlife. 
This Gould's Wattled Bat was photographed 
in a nestbox in March 2005.
This photo was taken in December 2008. 
We believe these chicks are Eastern Rosellas.
These Rainbow Lorikeets were photographed in May 2010.
This possum was photographed in May 2013.
The nestboxes have been made almost entirely from
materials donated by members and local businesses.

The site is visited by members on a regular basis to 
record any nesting, and also to check for damage.
If you're hoping to see some birds using the nestboxes, 
the best time to visit is within the hour after dawn or 
within the hour before dusk.
For further information or to report damage, please contact
the Secretary of the Club (

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